Thursday, August 11, 2016

Staying The Course, It's Not Easy

Tough with the heat. My Abs hurt from my workout yesterday. Doing my best to stay positive but I truly hate the heat. One reason to lose the weight and stick to this lifestyle change is to be able to keep up with Bruce. He is my love and my heart. I want to be able to hike with him. I want to be able to just go for a walk and enjoy it. simple things.

I need to remember the non medical reasons as well as the medical reasons to stay the course. It isn't easy. I sometimes feel all alone. Sometimes I feel deprived.

I know the reality. I just hope I am truly not alone.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Many things have been changing. I have had to go on a pretty restricted eating plan to prevent more problems with reflux and pre-hypertension. I have cut way back on things with caffeine, I need to eliminate all citrus foods and drinks. They suggest eating no chocolate (not happening). No fried anything. Very low sodium, low fat, low carb, and high protein. No cookies or cakes or pies or donuts or sweet rolls. No egg breads or noodles. I can have pasta make with egg whites and whole grains. no dairy unless it is low fat or nonfat. Almond milk is okay. I can have fruit except citrus, pineapple and papaya. I shouldn't eat tomatoes. They suggest no processed foods because of the sodium content. I can eat all veggies but avocados. I can have jello and low fat pudding (do the make low fat pudding?) and marshmallows. No nuts but can have natural peanut butter but not the peanut because it is too hard to digest. and allowed only 3 teaspoons of additional fat. and no spicy spices.

These are not easy changes. If anyone has any easy healthy recipes that may help prevent boredom I would appreciate it. 

I am back at the gym and did twenty minutes of cardio keeping my heart rate in the target zone the entire time. Did abs and leg weights. 

I have set some goals that are realistic. I know all the medical reasons to lose weight , but knowing that, wouldn't you thing I would have done it already? So I am working on developing some realistic, non medical goals. as far as the numbers? I will take it one day, one pound at a time. 

It is hard to stay positive. I think the thing I am trying to focus on is the eventual move to Minnesota so that we are nearer to my family and really not much further from Bruce's.

Bruce is my trainer at home he is keeping me honest. He loves me and wants what is best for me. I know I need to not think of it as a "diet" but a serious lifestyle adjustment.